(Hopefully I can locate the rest as they were so good! Heck, my praises were written by me! If you know what I’m talking about, or have saved them, please email me!)

Praise for The Time I Saved the Day: “I love the story! It felt so real and very intense! I felt like I was in the story with the characters!” (Shine, author and blogger of

Praise for Red as Blood: “This story is so far off better than Walt Disney’s versions of Princesses! This type of book had me hooked with suspense and had me on the edge until the end of the story!” —Shine, owner of the hauntingghosttown blog.







A lot of these blogs are my BEST GR FRIENDS, and my BEST GR AUTHOR FRIENDS! I love all my online friends the same as they’re like family to me! I consider my friends as family in God (as some might put it as Sister-In-Christ, and Brothers-In-Christ)!

Writing Inspirations.

Where does your writing inspirations come from, and how does it happen?

Well, for me, it comes in different ways. Dreams I have from my sleep, looking at certain types of photos (my family albums, looking at photos online: abandoned places, forests, antiques), books (too many to list, but all I can say it’s in series), movies (Marvel Thor movies, including the LOKI tv series trailers). And music.

Heck, whenever I’m in my shower or on my swing set, I have the most craziest ideas, and then try to recall them when I write them down on paper.

My Blog From March 2015.

Why does my blog feel so nostalgic to the point I hate it?

When I first started this blog, I had plans for a future.

Yes, I’ve enjoyed doing all types of author related stuff on here, but at the same time, there’s that one part of me that isn’t really there like it used to be. I don’t know what it is.

(Sorry if this sounds depressing.)

Weird Social Media Dream.

Out of all my other social media Dreams, this one hit me the most. I’ve dreamt that I was back on GR, in almost all my favorite groups with my GR friends, and while I was reading through them, a lot of my GR friends kept saying how much they’ve miss me being on there chatting like crazy. Of course, they had to write the saddest type of posts about saying goodbye to me and saying they had to let go of me.

Now, back to reality, why would I return to any type of social media that has made me feel more sad than happy? I know GR is one of them that once brought joy to me when I first joined, but the last year to 2 years, I wasn’t all that happy afterwards.

So, I don’t know what it means.

(Sorry if this sounds very sad and depressing.)

Future Blog Posts.

I know this blog seems dead and hardly any activity, but this blog is still open for more fun future blog tours, book cover reveals, author/character interviews. Just like old times. I miss doing that.


What’s like using nostalgic characters from your own old cringy stories from years ago? Well, it all depends how you feel about them. Do you still love them enough to add them into a new story? Or are they too cringy to deal with in the new story? 

For me, I have mixed feelings about them, but still debating on whether or not I should use them. Since I’ve made them back in 2013 when I was co-writing stories with ONE of my childhood church friends, so they’re still part of me. Even though our stories are so cringy enough to make me cry, I still love the characters I’ve made. 

It does show a lot how my writings are becoming more and more better than when I first started.



What’s like to write stories and song lyrics from Dreams you wake up from your sleep? Well, to tell you all, it’s a whole lot of fun! I’ve been doing this method for a long while and it works for me, so maybe it would work for you too! I call them STORY DREAMS.

The First thing is to remember your dreams, what took place, how many people/characters were in the dream, dialogue if you can recall them, and then put the story together. 

The Second thing is when you’re done writing it all down, put it into your writing notebook and don’t lose them.  You might need them.