Dreams That Gives Us Story Ideas!

Story Dreams takes you everywhere at any place with your own characters. Each place has a story to tell and each number of characters varies. Sometimes the Story Dreams are long and sometimes they’re short, but the most important thing is to WRITE IT DOWN BEFORE YOU FORGET THE DETAILS!

The Mad Writers Writing Circle!

My writing circle is very small and distance, so far it’s myself and my 2 cousins, and we love writing and talking about mad writing ideas for our own stories. We’ve even talked about being a triple co-writers (3 writers all together for story/stories), but it’s on our MAYBE LIST, but we ever do, it would make me very happy again.

Writing Plans!

(As of for now)

Finish editing and going through my notebook binder, containing my 100+ Story Dreams. 

Put the rest of the Story Dreams together into chapters and scenes. 

Go through and edit my characters lists and my made up places lists. 

Finish the rest of my songs lyrics for 2019 before 2020, so I can start fresh new with new ideas. 

Get my new website more put together. 

Have more writing talks with my cousins (that’s all I have left in my small writers group in a distance through texts in real life). 

Some Updates!

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted on here, but I didn’t have a good year this year outside of my online world. So there’s going to be a lot of changes on here as I’m planning on removing some things about my old website and my ex-friend’s (who was my co-writer at the time in 2013-2014, Now my ex).

It’s easier for me to remove all that from my wordpress blog and just focus on my stuff and fun things for other authors (examples: Q-&-As, Interviews, etc). So I have my very own website to help me focus on my own writing and forgetting about the discontinued series (from 2013-2014).

So here’s my new writing website: http://hauntingghosttown.boards.net

It’s still in the WIP stage for now until I figure out what I want in it.

Interviews! (Nicki Chapelway)

(I wasn’t sure when to post it and I’m hoping I’m not messing things up.)


What inspired you to write “A Time of Trepidation, Pirates, and Lost Princesses”? When I finished book one and I realized that I couldn’t leave the story on that ending. Kidding, but really… No I was inspired by my great love of Pirates of the Caribbean. I wanted to write a piratey story and somehow Time of Trepidation was born from that.
What’s your favorite character(s) from “A Time of Trepidation, Pirates, and Lost Princesses”? Oof that is a dangerous question to ask. I think in this one it is a tossup between Easton and Bobby though.
What’s your favorite scene and part of the story? I’m going to have to go with the siren attack later in the book because I obsess over mythologies so I may have lowkey geeked out to add sirens to this story.
What are your favorite books, movies, music, etc? Since it would be way too long to state my individual favorites I will state my favorite genres. For books it is YA speculative fiction, primarily fantasy. For movies it is action/adventure mainly with a smidgen of romance, a dash of terror, and at least two snarky characters. For music it is a very wide and eclectic variety, I like soundtracks, some indie music, 80’s rock as well as other classic songs, and some pop.
How would you deal with writers block? Not very well, honestly. Of late I’ve been taking breaks and reading/or watching movies. Drawing, listening to music, basically anything but actually writing.
Are you planning on continuing your stories? Oh definitely, I still have the next two books in My Time in Amar to work on not to mention all of the spinoffs after that XD
Since Easton plays such a crucial role in this book I chose him for this interview:

What are your pet peeves? 

Easton: Lying is one but it also gets on my nerve when a person completely refuses to be reasoned with.

How old are you? 
Easton: I have recently turned sixteen
What’s your favorite color? 
Easton: Blue
Favorite hobbies? 
Easton: I enjoy reading, especially articles, and picking up weird facts.
When did the madness begin and will it end? 
Easton: It all started at Hale Hall with that werewolf. And I’m sure it will. We just have to remain calm and keep our heads around us. Already things are starting to look up.
What haunts you? 
Easton: The thought that no matter what I do or how hard I try I could lose someone close to me. And that will be on my because I’m the one who wasn’t good enough.
What are you afraid of? 
Easton: Heights, and failure, but don’t tell the others they don’t need to know that I’m doubting our ability to get through this
What’s the best and worst things in your characters’ life? 
Easton: Can I say Chelsea on both accounts? That girl drives me crazy.

Cover Reveal! (Jes Drew)

 (For 9-28-2019) D547C243-1994-4C3F-97D2-DA6209FE5115

BOOK TITLE: Tales from Parallel Worlds!

Synopsis: A collection of faerie tales and adventure stories from two worlds parallel to each other. One is a world filled with fae folk and monsters, and the other is place of clockwork and alchemy. Both are brimming with magic, mystery, and mortals who must find their places within.
Between the pages of these worlds, a boy learns his childhood friend is a dyrad, a lady must sneak away from her own ball to provide the cure to a plague-infected village, a siren has to solve a murder, and more.Also includes an exclusive short story from the Howling Twenties series, involving the enchanted forest, a wedding day, and a blood moon.

Be swept away in tales of wonder- with all profit going to Polaris so girls and boys can have a chance to live their own faerie tales and adventures in freedom.



Author Bio:  Jes Drew is the author of the Ninja and Hunter trilogy, the Howling Twenty trilogy, the Kristian Clark saga, the Castaways trilogy, and The Dystopian Takeover trilogy. She read every fairy tale book she could get a hold of as a child, Captain America is her version of Prince Charming, and she’s pretty sure she’s a mermaid.