My Interview Questions.


What inspired you to write “(book title)”? 

What’s your favorite character(s) from “(book title)”? 
What’s your favorite scene and part of the story? 
What are your favorite books, movies, music, etc? 
How would you deal with writers block? 
Are you planning on continuing your stories? 


What are your pet peeves? 
How old are you? 
What’s your favorite color? 
Favorite hobbies? 
When did the madness begin and will it end? 
What haunts you? 
What are you afraid of? 
What’s the best and worst things in your characters’ life? 

Cringy Old Posts.

After making some changes on this blog, I’ve came across some of my MOST CRINGING POSTS that made me CRINGE, but yes, I’ve finished nearly all of my writing goals that I have posted! Even though it took me a long while, I’ve made it through, so now I don’t have my pages worth of 100+ Story Dreams, and I’m so happy about it!



What inspired you to write “Come Marching Home”? 

For this one, I knew the premise and characters a long time before I knew what the actual story would be. I think it was settled for me when I read Jonathan Strange and MrNorrell and thought the whole concept of magical warfare in a more historical setting was cool. That might have had a little to do in the way of inspiration.

What’s your favorite character(s) from “Come Marching Home“? 

I really liked all the characters in this book. I think Ernst might be my favorite though. I could relate to him in the fact that it is really hard to want to help someone, but not really knowing how to do it but doing all you can anyway. I like to think of him as sort of the threshold guardian and protector in the story and I love the way he cares for his brother.

What’s your favorite scene and part of the story? 

My favorite scene is the one (no spoilers) where Alfonse and Franz go and bury their friend Gilbert’s effects in the orchard. I hadn’t planned on writing that scene at all and it just sort of happened, and felt so right, so that’s why it was my favorite.

What are your favorite books, movies, music, etc

I like a lot of different kinds of books, fantasy, urban fantasy, and especially fairy tale retellings (Echo North was probably one of my last really favorite standalonereads I have picked up) Lord of the Rings will always be my favorite movies. Any books or shows with a found family aspect or sibling relationships are my favs. For music I like classic rock or modern folk (There is also a playlist for Come Marching Home!) 

I’ve also been really getting into anime/manga recently and am obsessed with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

How would you deal with writers block? 

The best way to deal with writers block in my opinion is to just keep writing. Even if you have to move on to something different. One thing I know that usually works for me is to take up a project that is completely different or something you don’t usually write. A lot of my block comes from doing the same thing so jogging yourself out of the norm can really help.

Are you planning on continuing your stories? 

Come Marching Home is a standalone novel, but there are planned sequels for my Concerto series and I am working on another standalone project for NaNo this year.


What are your pet peeves? 

Alfonse: I really don’t like it when people lie about what they do, especially to make themselves look good.

How old are you? 

A: 21

What’s your favorite color? 

A: Blue

Favorite hobbies? 

A: Well…I’ve recently taken up knitting. I find it to be actually pretty calming. Not very good at it yet, but I’m getting there.

When did the madness begin and will it end? 

A: I guess it started when I went to war. Sometimes I doubt it will ever end.

What haunts you? 

A: The things I can’t change from the past. The things I couldn’t prevent.

What are you afraid of? 

A: I don’t really want to talk about it.

What’s the best and worst things in your life? 

A: The worst things are what I carried home from the war. The best things are my family and friends who are helping me get through it.




BLURB: Albany and Brooklyn York are taking a much-deserved break from IDIA work and visiting their grandfather’s farm. But even far from the city, they find that they can’t quite escape their lives with IDIA—or FOE. When the twins find out that someone from FOE has set up shop in their neighborhood, they decide they need to find out what’s going on with FOE, once and for all. But when they learn of secrets that rock their world, will they still know who to trust?



It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here, so without further ado, here’s a Author Interview with Angela R Watts!

What inspired you to write The Grim Alliance?  The Infidel Books have been an ongoing series for years now–but I didn’t sit down to start writing them in order till last year, with the first installment The Divided Nation. I have most of the books in the series plotted now… And the inspiration is never ending! Whether it be inspiration gathered from the state of the world we live in, from relationships, from small things around me… Writing this series truly has been a wild ride.

What’s your favorite character(s) from The Grim Alliance?  I cannot choose, haha! I love all of them for different reasons… And yes, might even enjoy the antagonists…
What’s your favorite scene and part of the story?  Ooh, tough choice. I have a few and they’re all spoilers, haha! The Grim Alliance really dives into the political side of the world and strengthens character’s relationships, so overall, I adored all of it.
What are your favorite books, movies, music, etc?  I have a huge variety in these tastes, haha. I enjoy specific author’s works, like Ted Dekker, Frank Peretti, Francine Rivers, etc. Mel Gibson movies are great, along with plenty of comedies. I enjoy rock music, pop music, and sooo much more! Seriously, if we start talking about this, we’ll be here for a while..
How would you deal with writer’s block?  I push through it! Unless we’re talking burn out, which is a bit different, and I encourage people to find the right balance between pushing onward and/or giving yourself a break! Here’s a post about handling writer’s block and not exhaustion, though!

Are you planning on continuing your stories?  Absolutely! The Infidel Books is going strong. My other ongoing series, Whispers of Heaven, should have the second installment, Covenant, published this year or next!


THE GRIM ALLIANCE: The Infidel Books, #2

SUMMARY: WHEN THE NATION RIOTS, THE INFIDELS MUST BLEED. The Second Civil War storms through the crippled US and winter brings nothing but disaster. West Johnston has earned his mafia father’s trust while searching for hidden answers: why are the UN leaders being assassinated, and why can’t the killers be found? If West can’t stop the Union from attacking D.C. in their last attempt to win the war, how can he stop his father? Springtown remains one of the few townships left standing amid the tyrannical rule. Another group of gangsters prepare the town for winter. Rene’ Fisher is torn between fearing for her boyfriend Simon’s life and the upheaval taking place in Springtown. Can her father keep the town at peace? Will God have mercy on the allegiance the town must form with an unlikely candidate in order to survive, or will Rene’s home burn like the rest of the world? Told in multiple bold, abrasive narratives, THE GRIM ALLIANCE steps into a war-ridden nation where bleeding for what you believe is the only option for those determined to win. But with faith, can even the bloodiest hands be made clean?


Amazon: (link to come)

AUTHOR BIO: Angela R. Watts is a YA fiction author who strives to glorify the Lord in all she does. She’s a homeschool graduate  living at Step By Step Sanctuary, Tennessee, though with Gypsy and Norwegian in her blood, she tends to travel. She’s been writing stories since she was little, but also enjoys chores, painting, and watching sunsets.









What are your pet peeves? 

Cerise: People who act like they’re better than you. 
Verre: People who chew with their mouth open.
Blanca: Umm, none? Unless you want to count my father… (No. He’s definitely more than a pet peeve)
Aura: People who whistle. There’s no point!

How old are you?
Cerise: I’m eighteen. Why do you ask?
Verre: *frowns* I don’t give out that sort of information. (She’s twenty-three)
Blanca: I’m seventeen years old. Thanks for asking. *curtsies*
Aura: *squints suspiciously* Why? I’m sixteen.
What’s your favorite color?
Cerise: Maroon. It reminds me of my father. 
Verre: Black. It’s functional. *glances around* And “maybe” blue…
Blanca: Yellow, like the sun, or like a flower, or like my favorite gown. It’s such a  beautiful color.
Aura: Can I pick the entire rainbow?
Favorite hobbies?
Cerise: Hunting, running, and axe throwing. Obviously.
Verre: Anything physically exerting that improves my body and mind. (Liar. Her guilty pleasure is knitting)
Blanca: Reading or baking definitely! I make delicious crescentberry rolls.
Aura: Writing, actually. My father taught me.

When did the madness begin and when will it end? 
Cerise: *awkwardly coughs*
Verre: It began as soon the author picked up her pen *rolls eyes* and I doubt it will end.
Blanca: *laughs nervously* what madness?
Aura: Oh dear…
What haunts you?
Cerise: Those I’ve lost and the woman I lost myself to. *looks at the ground*
Verre: The lives I’ve taken. Don’t ask for more.
Blanca: My father… actually. *flinches*
Aura: My parents’ disappearance. I wish I knew what happened to them, if they survived.
What are you afraid of?
Cerise: Being controlled.
Verre: Failing.
Blanca: Not having peace. I’ve spent too much of my life in chaos.
Aura: Losing my family.

What’s the best and worst things in your lives?
Cerise: The best would be my mother, my powers, and my new friends. The worst would be Raina and the demons I still face.
Verre: Baen and my parents. The worst thing is the nightmares.
Blanca: Lyra and Rose, definitely! The worst would be my father or the heist.
Aura: My siblings are the best thing in the world. The worst is the palace. *shudders*


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Oceane McAllister is a fangirl-supreme, tea-drinking, novel-writing, thunder storm-obsessed indie author from New England. First and foremost a Christian, she tries to glorify her Lord and Savior in all that she does. Oceane also has a passion for writing YA fiction and believes it possible for them to be both exciting and clean at the same time. With a tendency to wear only black, she is a staunch defender of the Oxford comma, abhors love triangles, and may or may not be obsessed with black olives.

Most days you can find her curled up on the couch typing away furiously on her computer. She is most definitely a Slytherin, Enneagram 3w4, and has convinced herself that she could win the Hunger Games. Some of her biggest inspirations are C. S. Lewis, Brandon Sanderson, Marissa Meyer, Jennifer A. Nielsen, and Suzanne Collins.





What inspired you to write the Dronefall series?   The inspiration actually came from a lot of different directions. I’ve always loved aviation, and unmanned aircraft equipped with spy cameras hold a special fascination for me. I read Leah Good’s Counted Worthy, which opened my imagination to Christian dystopian fiction. I knew I wanted to write a compelling story that spotlighted the way Western culture is turning even as we speak, but I didn’t just want to write another doom-and-gloom dystopia. I also wanted to create something with some real entertainment value. I wanted to give Christian readers something to build up their courage and their awareness of how the world is changing, but I also wanted to introduce them to colorful characters and awesome technology, and some of the magic that great action movies are made of. Christian readers don’t get enough of that with the current menu of Christian fiction, I don’t think.

What’s your favorite character(s) from the Dronefall series?  The characters are a big highlight of the Dronefall series, for me. It’s impossible to choose a favorite. My main character, Halcyon, is more like me than any character I’ve written. She has complex but subtle inner workings, and she keeps her demons inside quite well. She has a lot of grit, which grows over the course of the series.  Her best friend Reveille is a blast to write. She’s chill and funny. She has all the good lines. As a sidekick, I think she does Halcyon a world of good.   Zoltan is everything, and I think he knows it. He’s kind of the heartthrob of the A-cast, usually, but there’s more to him than the pretty face. He’s probably the most traditionally heroic hero in the story. (A cast full of anti-heroes.) He’s a bit too good for this world.   Then there’s Shep. He’s turning out to be way more important than I planned. He’s a low-key guy who spends a lot of time at a computer while the rest are out blowing things up, but he’s got some surprises in him.   And Dorian. He comes into the story all British and polite and soft-spoken and also under the thumb of a nasty anti-Christian crime-lord. I think you’d probably like him, SHINE.    I’ve got to stop, but that’s how hard it is to choose. There are more I could go on about. I love them all!

What’s your favorite scene and part of the story?  So far? I love the climax of book three, Rainchill. Suspenseful scenes are my favorite, and that one takes the prize for nail-bitingness. Rainchill is full of spoilery scenes that I like, but I won’t give anything away. 

What are your favorite books, movies, music, etc?Weird fact: I actually have a ton of trouble finding fiction that I really like. I mean, I love Lord of the Rings, who doesn’t? But I read a lot more non-fiction. I love science. Especially astronomy stuff. I can’t get enough.

 Movies? I love Star Wars—the originals and the prequels. They each have their pros and cons, but I enjoy both trilogies. Now the third trilogy…I only watched The Force Awakens. I know I need to see the other two before I criticize, but—that was no way to kill off Han Solo. That’s all I’m going to say.

 For music, I have a huge variety that I really enjoy. Some of it is pretty weird, some of it is pretty classic. Classical (particularly the Romantic period), Celtic, Jazz, Alternative Rock, Alternative Pop, etc. I’ve listened to everything from Franz Liszt to ambient electronic music while writing Dronefall.

How would you deal with writers block? Some people snobbishly insist that writer’s block doesn’t exist. They lie. I’m an energy-spike writer. I write in bursts. Then I flatline. I’ll relax with a dry spell for a certain length of time. I have a lot of ways to keep my creative energy flowing even when the words won’t work for me. But if I loaf around for too long, I eventually have to pick myself up and start writing again weather it’s any good or not. I’ll eventually get back in the zone. But I try not to force anything, or let it stress me out. Stress isn’t good for creativity.

Are you planning on continuing your stories?  The Dronefall series has three more installations on the way. I’ve already got Four mostly written. I hope to get two more out, at least, in 2020. Being halfway through is really exciting. I hope more readers join me and get the chance to follow the series as it unfolds. 


AUTHOR BIO:  A. L. Buehrer is a speculative fiction author on a mission to bring courage, wonder and hope to the Christian audience. She revels in creating twisty plots, set in atmospheric worlds, populated by vivid characters, and pointing readers to the eternal beauty of Jesus Christ. Other interests include nerdy stuff, Earl Grey tea, and giving weird nicknames to cats.

She blogs at:

Her website:


So how’s my writing coming along?

Very well as I have more Story Dreams that gives me more ideas for my characters and the plots itself!

So far, I’ve gone through 100+ Story Dreams, put them together, change them a little, and edited them into longer chapters.

For my lyrics, edited them.

And I’ve noticed how my writing has changed over the years. From when I’ve started to where I’m at now.



I’m hoping you’re having a good year so far and this year this blog is going to have some fun things. I know the usual, but with more fun added to it. Though I hope I can have more blog tours this year.

So for FEB 4TH 2020, I’m having a Blog Tour for A. L. Buehrer! Her first three books of the Dronefall series are currently 99c on Kindle.