What inspired you to write the Dronefall series?   The inspiration actually came from a lot of different directions. I’ve always loved aviation, and unmanned aircraft equipped with spy cameras hold a special fascination for me. I read Leah Good’s Counted Worthy, which opened my imagination to Christian dystopian fiction. I knew I wanted to write a compelling story that spotlighted the way Western culture is turning even as we speak, but I didn’t just want to write another doom-and-gloom dystopia. I also wanted to create something with some real entertainment value. I wanted to give Christian readers something to build up their courage and their awareness of how the world is changing, but I also wanted to introduce them to colorful characters and awesome technology, and some of the magic that great action movies are made of. Christian readers don’t get enough of that with the current menu of Christian fiction, I don’t think.

What’s your favorite character(s) from the Dronefall series?  The characters are a big highlight of the Dronefall series, for me. It’s impossible to choose a favorite. My main character, Halcyon, is more like me than any character I’ve written. She has complex but subtle inner workings, and she keeps her demons inside quite well. She has a lot of grit, which grows over the course of the series.  Her best friend Reveille is a blast to write. She’s chill and funny. She has all the good lines. As a sidekick, I think she does Halcyon a world of good.   Zoltan is everything, and I think he knows it. He’s kind of the heartthrob of the A-cast, usually, but there’s more to him than the pretty face. He’s probably the most traditionally heroic hero in the story. (A cast full of anti-heroes.) He’s a bit too good for this world.   Then there’s Shep. He’s turning out to be way more important than I planned. He’s a low-key guy who spends a lot of time at a computer while the rest are out blowing things up, but he’s got some surprises in him.   And Dorian. He comes into the story all British and polite and soft-spoken and also under the thumb of a nasty anti-Christian crime-lord. I think you’d probably like him, SHINE.    I’ve got to stop, but that’s how hard it is to choose. There are more I could go on about. I love them all!

What’s your favorite scene and part of the story?  So far? I love the climax of book three, Rainchill. Suspenseful scenes are my favorite, and that one takes the prize for nail-bitingness. Rainchill is full of spoilery scenes that I like, but I won’t give anything away. 

What are your favorite books, movies, music, etc?Weird fact: I actually have a ton of trouble finding fiction that I really like. I mean, I love Lord of the Rings, who doesn’t? But I read a lot more non-fiction. I love science. Especially astronomy stuff. I can’t get enough.

 Movies? I love Star Wars—the originals and the prequels. They each have their pros and cons, but I enjoy both trilogies. Now the third trilogy…I only watched The Force Awakens. I know I need to see the other two before I criticize, but—that was no way to kill off Han Solo. That’s all I’m going to say.

 For music, I have a huge variety that I really enjoy. Some of it is pretty weird, some of it is pretty classic. Classical (particularly the Romantic period), Celtic, Jazz, Alternative Rock, Alternative Pop, etc. I’ve listened to everything from Franz Liszt to ambient electronic music while writing Dronefall.

How would you deal with writers block? Some people snobbishly insist that writer’s block doesn’t exist. They lie. I’m an energy-spike writer. I write in bursts. Then I flatline. I’ll relax with a dry spell for a certain length of time. I have a lot of ways to keep my creative energy flowing even when the words won’t work for me. But if I loaf around for too long, I eventually have to pick myself up and start writing again weather it’s any good or not. I’ll eventually get back in the zone. But I try not to force anything, or let it stress me out. Stress isn’t good for creativity.

Are you planning on continuing your stories?  The Dronefall series has three more installations on the way. I’ve already got Four mostly written. I hope to get two more out, at least, in 2020. Being halfway through is really exciting. I hope more readers join me and get the chance to follow the series as it unfolds. 


AUTHOR BIO:  A. L. Buehrer is a speculative fiction author on a mission to bring courage, wonder and hope to the Christian audience. She revels in creating twisty plots, set in atmospheric worlds, populated by vivid characters, and pointing readers to the eternal beauty of Jesus Christ. Other interests include nerdy stuff, Earl Grey tea, and giving weird nicknames to cats.

She blogs at:

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