Yes, that’s right. Stories from dreams. I just love it when I have stories from dreams, because they bring in more details, characters, problems, world building, and just everything I’m looking for in order to write stories and song lyrics with. I’ve been relying on my story dreams lately, but it works for me.



Ok. I just looked through my blog settings and found out that I have at least 3 or 4 followers on here. 


Yes, I know, I’m lacking on my WordPress. I’m still writing and sometimes I have edit some things, so they would make more sense. I’m still planning on writing series. I’ve also realized that I have other series on another website of mine.

It’s called:


So, I’m looking at different photos and movie scenes(I’M NOT STEALING IDEAS! MY MIND WORKS DIFFERENTLY!)for inspirations. I’m also using “SAID IS DEAD” charts for when my characters speaks about something. Instead of using SAID all the time.